8 comments on “Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain; Allowing Thoughts, Memory And Behavior To Be Transferred From One Brain To Another

  1. This isn’t right Magnus. They implanted one of these microchips as well as other technologies in myself in March of 2007 after leaving work on disability, very shortly after leaving work reporting terrorist threats to the FBI who wouldn’t respond, being gassed out of my apartment and the controls have been given to a bunch of raging Nazis. My brain and body have been ruined. After years of 24/7 torture I requested help from the Center of Constitutional Rights and Justice to ask them for help to press charges against Digital Angel Corporation, Positive ID Corporation, their subsidiaries, etc. and the torturous murderous Nazis came after me with extreme physical and psychological torture that is really unbelievable inside and outside of hospitals. This also included numerous murder attempts. I chose these corporations because I thoroughly researched their companies as well as applied digital solutions. It gave me a pretty clear picture of what they were up to. The real goal of some of these corporations should be exposed as trying to control and destroy humanity so that the technology can be used for helping to cure people. This is not new technology Magnus and is used by many “scientists” for 24/7 psychological and physical torture, mental and physical rape, organized KKK/Nazi like stalking, constant voice to skull torture, induced hallucinations, controlled virtual reality dreams, mind control, remote viewing, influencing, brainwashing, murder, etc. I would also like people to reference the 4th Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code, as well as the 1st, 4th, 8th, and 14th amendments of the constitution and imagine all of those laws broken against a person 24/7 for life. I thought I would have disability rights and have the ability to go back to work, but am being tortured to death by the worst people ever. My entire body is damaged and have had brain atrophy through my entire brain after just a couple years, which has been covered up until recently. I would like to see people such as yourself focus on some of the destructive intentions against humanity by certain Nazi like tech corporations so that this technology can be used for curing the masses. I’m currently being hit with increased ionizing radiation in a further attempt to shorten my life. I hope that you will help to expose the true intentions of mind control/implantation over society so that we can use this for good intentions such as curing cancer, aids, etc. without worrying about the person at the top of this who is looking like Hitler. Jesse Beltran has my MRI’s and probably knows by now that what you are reporting is nothing new. I found identical microchip that looks exactly like a verichip sealed directly into the front of my brain at the top of my sinuses after about five minutes of looking for it. I mean no disrespect, but the things that you report aren’t as new as you may be lead to believe. I hope you are well and here is my scanning for anybody who is interested. It’s a real lynching out here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHeeB85H6J4


  3. Bonecos e robôs em BBB do crime
    Filme porno com vítima de biochip
    Décadas de curras
    biochips repletos em corpo
    Covardia, roubar a vida alheia
    Mais ainda assistirem como se fosse programa
    Vidas roubadas

  4. Read “A Note on Uberveillance” by M. D. Michael. Newport News Police and Virginia State Police had Dr. Lawrence Chang implant me w/o my knowledge and consent with a biochip. It enables torture. They use it as a sensor and pulse energy projectiles at you. I had a heart attack. It enables voice to skull communication. See LRAD white papers or audio spotlight by Holosonics. See Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer page 9. See Mental Health and Terrorism by Amin Gadit. See Bio Initiative Report 2012. See Forbescom and search Brandon Raub. Law enforcement tases citizens into “excited delirium” (see at nijorg) to make them act in ways they normally would not. I believe they are directly responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre. There are 3 reasons to have it implanted 1) mental health, 2) criminal record, and 3) infectious disease. If you don’t meet any of those requirements like me, they’ll falsify your records. All the mass shootings are the work of law enforcement. They want to take away your right to bear arms and make America a police state. They torture people into a state of what the national institute of justice calls “excited delirium.” People aren’t suddenly going crazy, they’re being tortured. I also believe the biochip to be responsible for PTSD. Read Brian Castner’s book “A Long Walk”. I have the same ambiguous pains, twitches, heart attack, night mares, day mares, gurgling, etc. I never served in the war. What do we have in common? The biochip. Suicide is one way to get relief. Virginia’s suicide rate is higher than the national average and the military suicide rate is unacceptable! I am considering cutting the one in my back out myself.

  5. If it is true that they can upload learned memories/skills…WOW! Medical school in 5 minutes…Black belt in 30seconds…instant job training for ANY job on earth, almost instantly know everything…The economic markets this would open up alone…

  6. I am a TI,I am hit with the direst-energy -weapons everyday,I see the red tint and the blue everyday,they do the v2skull 24/7,my family has posted pictures on me on my timeline,I know some of the people that are involved,they are connected with law-enforcement,they use to live next door to me,I reconize their voices,they do not try to change their voice,Coast to Coast has approved my post,thesepeople know that I know some of them,I’m fighting for my life,could you ck. on my photos,then albums and also read my timeline thank you

  7. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my
    comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!

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