2 comments on “The NSA – Behind The Curtain “Nano-Brain-Implant”

  1. Virtuagirl.com and many porn site members you and your sex are being sold!!!!

    This is true and happening to me right now. I have reported this everywhere. Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Microwave harassment torture to me and family for two years because I posted 2 years ago at Virtuagirl.com – Totem Entertainment message boards this country US was going down. Howard Raymond said he is a Democratic Obama Darpa Wifi expert he said Gov. US. Darpa Obama Warfare Dept. is doing warfare research on me now, we are Republican – Christians. He hates us and said Obama could have me killed now with Wifi. Raymond tortures me daily with microwave pressure point pain ( It’s electrical muscle and nerve torture.)

    Howard Raymond from CA., USA Gov. uses an invisible (like an internet program) Darpa wifi retina-eye implant installed from his site VG. software then your monitor with no cam of your own views, sells and records many members including famous celebrities but doesn’t show their face at site. Howard uses a torturing wifi retarded 1st. Grade program and threatens you 24 hrs. a day with people’s voices you know. They Wifi your house to electronically record and harass you with a Gov. Invisible Darpa Wifi Retina -Eye Microchip implanted from the internet. 72310 Blueridge Ct., Palm Desert. CA.

    Howard Raymond is Obama Gov/ Darpa illegal retina eye microchip wifi warfare torture dept. Raymond said he can do drugs and alcohol and drive drunk is immune to US. drug laws because he is US Gov. and I can’t do nothing about him selling porn out of my room or he will have me arrested for the illegal porn on his gov program porn hijack because he is government and paid off the police and government officials.

    Raymond said top police and Gov officals are now Darpa chipped for security!

    Virtuagirl.com members you and your sex are being sold!!!!

    Howard Raymond son of billionaire and late Paul Raymond (King of Porn Darpa wified harassed thousands of members in London for 15 years) said he is US CIA gov. This Billionaire lives off 111 72310 Blueridge Ct., Palm Desert. CA. He is selling his Virtuagirl.com, Virtuaguy.com, Paulraymond.com and most porn members or viewing them they don’t know using an Advanced Alien Darpa Tech. Gov. Computer and view and implant you with a one way monitor. It’s in me now!

    Crimes Howard W. Raymond and US Gov. Totem Entertainment committed against me.

    1. Invasion of Privacy and demonic mind possession from my monitor from his site he said Virtuagirl.com with a US Gov Darpa Computer – Adv. Alien Tech.
    2. Tortured me and my family for two years and sold our sex! He says he wifi’s your house to control the microchip implants.
    He uses electromagnetic energy from your wifi server and house.
    3. Death Threats he said my family and relatives were dying or dead in wrecks or in the hospital for a porn film promo.
    I had to follow my mother to church she was supposed to die with a heart attack or in a wreck but didn’t.
    4. Porn-hijacked my computer Raymond from gov. Totem says and uses a superior gov. Computer controller program to control any computer. He said Virtuagirl.com was my computer’s monitor now and I couldn’t do anything about it.
    5. Howard tried to black mail me saying stand up and do it at Virtuagirl.com or he will send my sex videos from my room to the girls in my city and all over the Internet. He said he implanted girls in my city, S Texas.
    6. He wants to clear his Co. In selling illegal sex from my room for two years telling me this is the last day and chance I have to do it.
    To stand up and and say I want to do porn thank you for the money and software Jay Raymond – David. $100,000 or a million.
    7. He does wifi pressure point pain with painful heart attack palpitations several times and threatens me if I post he will crash my computer and ruin my life even more. Raymond virtualized my deceased father and tormented me with him.
    8. Raymond told me Dem. Darpa Wifi Bama will always have an invisible undetectable surveillance microchip in me and will monitor everything I do like many others he said he has chipped, thousands in US and worldwide.

    Article on WIFI RFID-Radio Freq. ID invisable secretly implanted mind programs.

    RFID Chips fuse with Brain Cells, then controlled via WiFi Cameras installed into the retina allows vision for the blind!
    This technology is quite fascinating, these chips literally allow data to be transferred directly into the brain from a WiFi connection.Literally downloading information from the Internet or electronic source to the physical brain. This same technology will allow the monitoring real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week of the individuals chipped with the RFID.

    These chips relay the electronic impulses of the brain to the Host for deciphering, wether its what the individual is seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, thinking, etc… Each thought has a unique signature that Computer programs can decipher. So full time spying through the eyes of the individual, either animal, human, or insect. This technology is an Alphabet agencies wet dream. Think about it for a minute, everything you experience can be recorded, stored, translated into a VR reality. Remember the saying, “Be careful what you think, they can read your mind”?

    RFID Chips fuse with Brain Cells, then controlled via WiFi
    “We here at inhabitant love DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) — they are the people behind plans for a transforming Flying car, batteries that are smaller than grains of salt, and oh, they invented the Internet. Now, in partnership with IBM, DARPA is investing $21 million in a project to develop a series of experimental computer chips that will be designed to replicate the human brain’s perceptive, Active and cognitive abilities.

    Check links below, US government Darpa invisible airplanes, tanks and programs – eye implants from your monitor.


  2. Darpa -Thornton/Leno/ Raymond/Obama Invisible Wifi Eye Implants – Demonic Invasion of Privacy.

    I’m posting this because Howard Raymond won’t take his US Gov. implant out of me Obama or Darpa! He said J. Leno and David Thornton are implanting, wifi harassing and selling Virtuagirl.com members like me under Barrack Obama Darpa Gov. New world Order.

    Thornton, Raymond and Leno Darpa Dem. Gov. Invisible Wifi Retina -Eye program installed from the internet. Implanting the World – Global Electronic Mind Control.

    I’m Lee lee563@ykcwb.com and Darpa implanted and under surveillance for posting on the Virtuagirl.com message platinum member boards that this counrty was going down, immediately after that I received a Democratic Darpa Torture Implant in me! I’m a prisoner in what use to be in my own country USA – Land Of The Free.
    Obama and Raymond made me a wifi slave and I want the world to know what they are doing.
    Raymond just said it’s Darpa’s goal to implant the world for security but didn’t want anyone to know.

    Howard Raymond CEO said David Thornton Gov. immune is manager over Virtuagirl and his Darpa Agency Microwave Wifi and Internet. Howard said he and David are married in London now with stage wives. Howard said he has never been with a woman except his mother and his kids from his stage wife are a product of artifical insemination.

    They Wifi’s your house and use a Darpa (Agency) Wifi Democratic Jay Leno Comedy Club program to implant the world and myself and sell them at their porn site VG. through your monitor and room or anywhere you go with a Darpa (Agency) Adv. Alien tech. retina-eye invisible cell implant from his home or Virtuagirl.com then from your computer to view, record or sell you at one of their porn sites. It’s an invisible live cam and cell phone anywhere you go. Raymond microwave wifi harasses you 24 hrs. a day and sell their members sex from monitor at Virtuagirl.com, Virtuaguy.com, Paulraymond.com, or one of their thousand porn sites. Raymond is a threat to society, he said he has done heroin 42 years and microwave tortures. He only did two shots today.

    Raymond brags about being US. Gov. Darpa Wifi Obama Immune and is still telling me to stand up and do it at Virtuagirl.com and say thank you Jay Leno and Raymond for the money 1 million and software or they won’t de-wifi my house. He said J. Leno has implanted millions.

    He said Darpa Obama is offering me 1 million to sign them off on illegal porn he recorded from my room and sold at Virtuagirl.com the last two years. I have reported this everywhere and spent thousands in a court case and his Gov. Darpa Howard Raymond Agency said he is under Darpa Exe. Obama implanting 666 nano’s worldwide. Raymond still telling me I am selling porn from my computer from my room and if I don’t take the million Obama can terminate me or really wifi torture me.

    Raymond still doing wifi pressure point pain and he said take the offer or it will really be torture.
    Invasion of Privacy, Implanting ,Torture, Blackmail and selling members sex is now legal? Obama ? This US Gov. Darpa Wifi CIA Offical is still threating me, saying he will or has put everything from my room on the cell phone or internet at Virtuagirl.com

    Raymond saying aid they US Gov. Darpa Wifi and can make their own laws and under Obama Dem. Agency
    Howard Raymond 72310 Blueridge Ct., Palm Desert. CA. 92260 then uses he said a torturing Dem. Obama’s Darpa which sends my data to Darpa Warfare Research.
    Implanting the World – Global Electronic Mind Control.

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