4 comments on “Regulate Implant Technology before Human Rights abuses become common practice

  1. I just pass and remember the quality of scientists is what is important!!! Who control scientists, the bad political/agressive Compagnies with bad Leadership are real matters because they are not able to be HONEST!!! THAT’S THE PROBLEM, everywhere of course, but attitude chande place by place!!!

  2. I am a targeted individual who is being attacked with a electronic weapon / Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalkers

  3. It already seems to be common practice. As long as murder for hire and mind control is used with this technology by mass murderers who have unlimited resources I don’t believe the technology will be used for curing ailments on a widescale. You should take a look at the MRI of the microchip in my brain that icaact.org is holding onto while refusing to verify the implant as I’m being radiated to death as well as stalling in returning the MRI to myself. I was told awhile ago by my therapist that they would have to take a piece of my brain out to remove the implant that is sealed in at the top of my sinuses and sticking staight into my brain, but instead it seems like some of these selfish bastards are murdering me via radiation. I can walk about 200 yards now due to the further dismantling of my legs and am up screaming at night while being radiated from very close distances as well as by other means. The nano technology is also a real killer too. Do you think that some of the elite are going to give up their ability to murder people who they target in order to help humanity?

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