4 comments on “Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture

  1. You are correct. Children are interfaced to the system at a very young age. As young as a few months old, allowing for the normal development of a young brain to be manipulated. Their is no need for hospitalization. All that is needed is for the new target to be in close proximity of an already targeted person. At four months, while holding my grand daughter, I felt a force hit her from two directions that almost knocked her out of my arms. I have observed developmental deficiencies as well as behaviors that are far above her age. I fear for her future horribly as the agenda of these handler has been nothing but obsessive destruction.

  2. i am bing tocher an torement they ar useing a deie that can control your mind an body they are killing me they are controling my brian they are in both my ears every day an night year afther they are controling my 5 year dougther they rap her an tell my iam way they rap iam not they touch her butt they

  3. I want replay and help to the subject : “Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture” and to the :
    As an Information,- Neuroscientist and Philosopher and normal citizen of my planet with a soul and mind of our so to say “Brave new World” – the people must wake up , organize new and resist these “Transhumanist Agenda”. But not everything is bad on new technologies. Bad are only some pavians of the agenda, which are paranoid and from a psychological stand, – Sozio,- and Psychophats. I hope They will go to a new Nurnberg trial !

    Its like a really nightmare in an science fiction film or better Roman, which is coming over all living systems on our planet. And of course I am afraid, too, because the nightmare is real:
    The chemtrails ( I have written a celtic poem and song against this dark agenda on my facebook ), the HAARP-System and the other new tectonic weapons of mass destruction against our planet ( “Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture”) are in my opinion the necrophilia tendency and ideas from the old “World Government” with old pavians behaviour and thinking to control 7 Mrd. citizens on our planet. Its not working any more, because they are coming to late. The people are waking up and want to change these pyramidal hierarchy and also they are getting sick and ill and we can see that war and brutal behaviour and enslavement cant be a solution, even for the members of the 300 it will be a nightmare, too! They will be charged and executed ! There culture time-line as mass- killers is finished and will never ex aped any more. You can feel that the time is running very quick for them out, when you see the last situation in Syria. Press TV.com and other alternative media has reported, that there aims to destabilise Syria has failed and with this also all the other States before. (Irak, Afghanistan, ) And see also the structure of the financial System of the US and other neoliberal capital Systems . This is not what the people want.

    s not so easy to murder a living planet with 7 Mrd. citizens. The planet will trough them out of space. The time in history has already finished them Online !

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