One comment on “Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today

  1. I have become a target of such technology as well as many others.

    I have never had a chip implant nor have the others who have fallen prey to this DEW.

    Personally through my experience I don’t believe you have to be microchipped to become a target of this weapon and believe this belief or assumption throws people off the tracks of their perpetrators.

    I believe the military has combined several sources to create this weapon, one being HAARP.

    HAARP is involved in a STAR WARS PROGRAM.

    It was chosen for this program because of its ability to shoot down planes and missiles in mid air with persuasion accuracy from hundred or thousands of miles away.

    (There are no microchips implanted in them so it would be nothing for it to track and target someone on the ground much less to track and follow a plane, which I have been a target of.

    I see the problem of detection when a perp desides not to follow its unwitting targeted victim to avoid detection and so leaving the targeted victim looking delusional.

    Finding detection of these secret scalar DEW waves are the key to it’s detection not just microchips.

    By the way do you know what will detect scalar waves from a DEW?

    I value your reply.

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