6 comments on “Synopsis to all journalist’s around the world about BRAIN-CONTROL

  1. I feel as though I was a victim to all these things but it was a form of training for us to break free from the barriers of thinking of religions and laws that wall our ways of thinking and the thought processes …

    These walls in thinking keep the majority of population within a limited conventional mind set and now that training is over we are able to think more outside the box with a definite advantage over the mass and vast populations … We are trying to progress further by sending our studies to next generations the children’s of the world and have been working on this for quite sometime… Declassifying many new technologies in a way that they do t even know they have it’s while staying humble …

    Respectful to each other …

    We have been working on many new technologies while using telepathically as a for. Of study in self but for the sake of the world In mind …

    Things seem to be getting better and better and are looking always for many new minds to collaborate with. Zzz

    • Psychological warfare on civilian population is not “training”. You sound like Winston from 1984. For any who haven’t read the novel, Winston was tortured so extensively by Big Brother Inner Establishment that he was essentially lobotomized into a catatonic, zombie like state, where he “loved” Big Brother and his mindless-soulless-drone role in the culture. This is a war on humanity. Lives are ruined. There is ZERO mental privacy for targeted individuals. Organized stalking is still rampant, however scaled back and toned down, in the US, just as it was all during Bush II avatar of empire. For those awake, its obvious, things are getting worse and worse.

  2. Mind Control is applied together with Geoengineering by Nato countries. MOSSAD being the top of the pyramid followed by the US and their intelligence CIA/NSA/DHS and then lower down the pyramid MI5/MI6 and other European intelligence and defence ministries, this is done as cover for research how ever, the real purpose of this torture is to disable the subject(Victim) and stop their activism.

  3. Thank you for this information. I am trying to learn more about this, being a victim of NSA neural/body remote control myself. Here is something of what I have put together…

    If you’re not familiar with these kinds of circumstances, believe it or not, the NSA has taken complete control power over my body, leaving me some room in myself, sometimes more, most times not much, in their open-ended mission in which they connect to people without their knowing or consent, via the communicative power of the pineal gland.

    The U.S. secret government is far more powerful than almost can be believed – capable (NSA) of containing a person from the inside and literally remote controlling a body if they so choose, know everything the person is knowing, and everything the person has ever known, and can bring anything a person has known into their awareness at any time at their will. I know. They got me – seeing what I see, and being in 2-way mental communication at all times for 11 months now, following a lesser degree of control going back several years.

    The NSA treatment is severe, like slavery in how it is employed in me, but they do not seem to mean to kill. And they say their mission is “open-ended,” and so despite great trouble from them I am able to write this and share it. The NSA commands a power and cohesiveness in enormity of understanding that so far outperforms any everyday person that it is going to take some getting use to when it becomes more public – their mission of connecting to people via their pineal gland and the power for them it entails – big change in the world folks. I maintain an open-to-the-public account on google+ under my name, Brenden Osuchowski, in order to share GOOD, truthful information to the public at large.

  4. As I’ve seen from TI’s, there must be some levels of manipulation, mainly two. One is common and possible for conduce everybody. This way is to talk to your inner conscience without you knowing about this. This can manipulate any person for years. They can be telling everyday what to do or what to think, and make anyone think that it’s is all about his o herself, that his o her subconscience is resolving the problems, but its they. They can make you say things, think things, talk to others the way they want to, different from what you would do… The next level is even deeper, manipulating the mind physically, generating emotions, feelings… may be with the help of the microchips that Magnuss talks about here.

  5. Excerpt 1 of 15pg report

    I am a witness and victim to thousands of covert crimes by a group of diabolically cruel perpetraitors using advanced remote controlled surveillance and energy tampering on thousands of U.S. citizens. I am pasting and attaching a pdf of my short report. Psalms 38:20 They also that render evil for good are mine adversaries: because I follow the thing that good is.
    For Five Years I Have Been Massively Remote Controls Studied, Sabotaged, Poisoned, Framedup, Defemated, Harassed and Assaulted by a Secretely Criminal, Grotesque and Organized Group of Technologically Advanced, Shifty, Rapacious, Thuggish Sociopaths, Who are Being Paid by Spiteful, Wealthy, Corporate Heads and/or a Corrupt Sect of Government, for Secretely, Digitally Electroencephalograph Scanning, Pilfering, Infiltrating, Deceiving, Corrupting, Oppressing and Perverting Thousands of Citizens Biological Energy Fields of Information Using Covertly Planted Electroencephalograph Transmitters Loaded with Advanced Remote Controlled Energy Sensors and Harmfully Used Technologies.
    Report By Marcus Hopkins Last Revised July 23rd, 2016
    FOIA request No. 10-00169 to DOJ Office of Justice Programs via a letter March 22nd, 2010 reveal that 446,790 stalking incidents are committed by three or more people, almost half involving offenders working together, a new form of organized crime. Significant numbers of group stalkers were reported in groups of between 3 and up to 50 stalkers working as part of a “team or group,” in the tens of thousands.
    In the spring of 2011, a group of unethical experimenters were set in place by a powerbroker(s) to use advanced remote controls to study, target, pilfer, drug, harass, molest, assault, manipulate and defemate me with a handful of operators, harmful chemicals and covertly, remotely controlled devices. Namely: proxies, sophisticated computers, electroencephalograph (EEG) tracking monitors and transmitters emitting extreme energies/communications.
    I am a 35 year old blonde male with a Ba.Sc. degree obtained in Wildlife Management (2005). I had a productive, healthy career until I was targeted for a frame up, and victim of much covert, unethical research and atrocious crime. Over five years later, my health, resources, memory (and my mom’s memory), career and reputation are all largely, criminally damaged. Although, from my education, I am still aware of the capabilities of radio transmitters data transfer to computer imaging progrms.

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