8 comments on “Edward Snowden on the most shocking way the NSA spies on people 2014

  1. “Posthumen “and “”nanobots” were tested for N.S.A. Hearings during 50 years and nowaday on. E.L.F. Systems Computers ROEM HAARP.I m surprised and the Bomb Effects on Europeen Population isn t positive.I m happy.U.S.A. hasn t won the. Cybernetic war.I m shure it s the beginning.Anne Julien,Your Posthuman.

  2. I am a target of this technology for the past 7 years . They are terrorizing U.S. citizens with it 7/24. And making a fucking game out of it. They purposely take you out of your job. isolate you from family and friends. badger humiliate you day and night. Constantly reminding you that you privacy is being invaded. I commend this man. he is a hero in my eyes . The american public needs to be told of this satanic technology. Its absolutely pathetic that my hard earned tax dollars are being used in this way, to torture and invade my privacy. its is sickening

  3. Thanks for posting, some reason i missed it. One thing surprise me, he live in ellicott city,md almost same years i did it. I am just happy that he actually explained it in tv. I know what i have been through and no one believed me. I am still getting same attack like what he said but now it’s manageable.

  4. Of course, as I discovered the material about mind control available and I knew about people who say is being TORTURED everyday I realized that this should be for sure the Snowden thing.

  5. I kind of figured out on my own it was something like this. On top of all that, I actually have like the military following me around all day and night. I mean I have helicopters and aircraft that circle my house or anywhere I go. It’s more like the shadow government. They also have dream technology where they produce shared dreams or inception/virtual reality type dreams. I also have the ability to astral project and connect with someone in a dream. On other occasions they do it the connecting artificially I call this inception.
    They have this thing about even making me have artificial shared dreams with celebrities and politicians which i don’t find assuming. I been searching to try to find where someone has disclosed this dream technology but I haven’t found it. It’s done remotely maybe with some type laser technology. I’m not exactly sure of the artificial intelligence used to do it. On you tube you’ll find a bunch of videos where people say they had dreams with a certain presidential person. I also had them and found out it was done with artificial dream sharing technology. Dreams are being hacking kind of like the movie inception.

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