“Brain-Chip” Implant in the brain of Magnus Olsson


“Brain-Chip” Implant in the brain of Magnus Olsson

Magnus Olsson

Magnus Olsson

A successful businessman visits the nearest hospital after an anxiety attack. He is sedated and wakes up as a different person. His life is starting to change. The voice coming from nowhere can tell him what time it is: the correct time.

The mental and psychological torture and control starts to take place. On one hand, they are telling him awful things, like “You are never going to wake up” when going to bed every evening or “We are dissapointed that you woke up” every time he was waking up in the morning. On the other side, they can manipulate his feelings and perceptions, and create the most positive feelings.

See for yourself.

Mind Control TI Magnus Olsson Sweden from Henning Witte on Vimeo.

Magnus Olsson is a rescent victim of modern Mind Control technology in Sweden.

Mind Control TI Magnus Olsson Sweden interviewed by a laywer who´s engaged in swedish victims Laywer Henning Witte

This is the video documentation from the preliminary ICAACT Radio Frequency Scanning in Croydon, London on April 27th of Mr. Magnus Olsson from Sweden.

Magnus Olsson Story

For me, there was a day in life when everything changed. I went from a life as a citizen in a demo map indicative country into a world where violence and torture was the norm. It was not a journey across continents, but in life circumstances. It also included a science fiction drama that completely shattered my life. My name is Magnus Olsson, I am 38 years old, studied economics at the Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, American University of Paris and Harvard, Boston, USA, during the years 1988-1991. 1994 I started the company Jon Sandman who became a well known brand in the bedding industry. I managed with my life and had also met a wonderful woman whom I had two children with. They are now 13 to 16 years old. But all this harmony and success came to a sudden end. It happened five and a half years ago. After that, life has been about a constant struggle for survival. In order to cope with but also to be able to tell what has happened to me and get out of the nightmare.

The Following Punkt Has Been posted on the World Wide Web as a Notice of Legal Purposes. I am-being framed by the illegal use of Remote Neural Monitoring.

  • Magnus Olsson, a Victim of Remote Neural Monitoring. Anything I Think May Not Be Used Against Me in a court of law or Any Other venue. The person or person performing the Remote Neural Monitoring are here by ordered to cease and desist operations said.Any person’s knowledge or variable Participating in said illegal activity must report to the proper Such Authorities.

It all started after I had been admitted to St. George (Capio) hospital. It was in spring 2005. I had been sedated and you must have deposited or injected one implanted in my head. I came in during a difficult exercise. It must have with defense research to do but I had never heard of this kind of technology before it happened, remote control of brain. Not had I not believed in it who claimed that such things occurred in Sweden.

Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IzHp1rM-Qo


From being an open successful person, I was transformed in my new life circumstances. There were many problems to overcome. The first was to cope with. Life was suddenly just as difficult as it had previously been a pleasant result of the days and weeks. Another problem was that no help was available. This was entirely in secret and was more like what the perpetrators of acts of madness trying to explain about his powerlessness of being repossessed. I was induced by sensory stimuli that could not be distinguished from the real. I assumed that most would consider me as a mentally disturbed if I tried to explain what has befallen me. It was an idea from the beginning. I had no information to relate to. At this time, I was knocked out. I was completely pacified and under their power. But there came a day when I started trying to do something even if it took over two years. First I went to the Royal Institute of Technology in Valhallavägen in Stockholm and spoke with several people. Asked if they knew who was involved in biological and remote computer connection with people. Then I got an address to the Alba-Nova. When I went there, I happened to come just when an international conference was in progress. Here I got the first facts that spoke of opportunities to establish communication with human biological systems. It was known as Biotech or Brain-Computer Interface. I realized that this was something to the media. It is an amazing thing that the technology exists and that the project is ongoing.

Therefore, I contacted one of my acquaintances, Thabo Motsieola as a reporter and a renowned TV profile. I got to know him during my time with Jon Sandman Enterprises, which I had sold. He understood me and was interested in the subject. It was a great success. My mother and media also came to mean a lot for me to get help to fight with this thing. But at first I could only say that there was something that had made my very difficult life change. It was something that had happened, I said, but could not explain more. She demanded to know, and when I told it. “When I was sedated at St. George’s Hospital in sweden, implanted something inside my head. Then you use me in an experiment. I must fight to survive hurricanes. You know my thoughts, see what I see and feel. Everything. And you can communicate with me. Transferring different sounds and even speech directly into the brain. “It was in early 2005.

She and MIND TECH SWEDEN became not only my biggest support, but also my ally in proving what I am exposed to.

My mother Elisabeth Nystrom Barringer. She has personal experience of care, has worked with doctors and midwives have been for many years. Now she is active in this matter. Helps me, contacting people and is involved in everything.

Magnus Olsson

When I started searching the internet I became aware that there are people who share my situation. Implanted in hospitals or other places and used for experiments. It is about international organized crime research. Many of the stories from the victims was similar to my own case. The Internet contains research reports, opinion articles and documentary material.There is information from different parts of the world and the brutal mentality, to take advantage of people in life-destroying brain experiments seem to be the same in the country than the abuse occurs. Of all the impacts that many talked about was a lot of identical to my case. The usual torture is easier to explain as it is to burn, cut or physical torment. Anybody can associate with what it would be. There are probably not a difficult topic to address than this. Especially when you also will speak in their own cause. The whole subject of the great technology is largely unknown – and that some people would be exposed, it is most unlikely. It does not occur in our country! So it is. That says enough, most of these things. But there will be a resolution already in the letter.


Here are some examples of the methods they expose me to. Through interaction, you can bypass the sensory receptors and transmit messages / numbers directly into the brain. The same is with painful interfering signals and other sounds that you can often stay awake during the whole night. These applications are used daily for three years now. One can see through my eyes, hear my thoughts, manipulate my sleep and stay awake for long periods. Although increase or decrease heart rate, upload photos and scents into my brain as real as if I saw or smelled it in the natural environment. Of course you can hear what I hear, I am as a unit of the mainframe. You can change my behavior, including memory functions may be affected as well as emotions (having to be sexually aroused in inappropriate situations). For a long time has created a severe headache, nausea, blurred vision and problems with balance. Something that I never had before this started. In general, I am an example of that by inplantatet can create pain all over my body. Also, I collapsed and lost consciousness seven times within two months in spring 2008. On several of these occasions, I have come to the hospital by ambulance. My mom has been with me for five of those times and this is just one form of the consequences of what I am exposed to. It has no natural cause and you can never either to diagnose the cause.What I have mentioned here are the most common methods you use to torment me. All this is happening also in various stages day and night. In between, I try to sleep and rest so that I can survive. From my point of view, this is an equally crucial event that the establishment of concentration camps in Germany in the 1930s. Moreover, it seems a similar mentality that drives the perpetrators.

Proof of implants: http://www.us-government-torture.com/Larson%20Report%20Edit.pdf


Fifty years after Skinner and Rogers warned of Science was a declaration by the European Ethics Group of the Swedish professor Goran Hermerén as chairman. The group advises the European Commission on ethical considerations of scientific issues. Their records of March 16, 2005 was also presented as a recommendation to the European Commission (Prof. Rafael Capurro) look at www.capurro.de/ECLSC2010.ppt and what to do up there is exactly the same as I am exposed to. They speak in clear words about the danger of this technology and provides an understanding of all parts of it that I have mentioned. The following quotes come from the EU group is translated into Swedish by the network with Robert Naeslund, which we now work with. Ethical Council, which has a participant from each EU country has an official status within the EU. The Swedish professor Goran Hermerén is also Sweden’s first professor of medical ethics while he is also President ofthe EGE, The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies. In their descriptions, it is called we term as electrodes, transmitters, and brain chips for ICT implants, which stands for information and communication technologies. Their full document is 30 pages on the Internet in English at the following Internet address for the EU ethics group: http://ec.europa.eu/bepa/european-group-ethics/docs/avis20_en.pdf

Look at : http://www.targeted-individuals-europe.com/

It asks the important question of a human being ceases to be human when his brain was implanted: a human being ceases to be human cases in some parts of her physical self, especially the brain, has been replaced or supplemented by ICT implants? In particular, as inplantaten can help to create the front-line people, who are always connected and can be conformed differently, to receive and emit signals for meetings, habits and movements. This naturally affects their dignity. In my case, it translates as connected persons not primarily manipulation but rather to break down and torture me. It is a form of torture. When this happens to people like me, educated, self-employed and any links to psychiatry and the legal system is of course an even clearer symptom of social disease. Then you can understand the degree of hardship mental patients and criminals have to live with. This is clearly just as degrading as to start locking up people in secret concentration camps. There were people just like now, completely lost the rights to his life and his body. EU group writes:One can also see this trend as a threat to human dignity and in particular to the human body’s integrity … Sure it is. Here, man has lost the last own, his body and brain. It also writes that hjärninplantaten used to control people. In some cases, already implanted microchips with opportunities for individual and social control. The confirms that this is a system that retrieves information from the brain. Brain-computer interaction or direct brain control is performed by communications technology which retrieves information from the brain and evaluates it. The worst threat, as in my case is clear and has also distanced the concentration camp opportunities affecting the central nervous system and man’s identity as a species. They show that ICT implants may affect the nervous system and in particular the brain and man’s identity as a species and individual autonomy … As already mentioned inplantaten can be used for both health and non-medical purposes.Both possibilities with implants should of course be subject to the informed condition

It should be questioned about this technique, even with the informed consent should be used.From the following quotation, one can see that there is a threat not only to a few individuals, but against our entire society. In its evaluation EGE makes the general conclusion that non-medical applications of implants is a potential threat to human dignity and democratic society … The use of remote control to take control of people’s will must be absolutely forbidden. Those old dictatorships forced people to hold certain views, but here you can see that Sweden is one step further and implanted brain chip to control man’s will.

Another text from their document indicates that there are no studies on the health risks of what I face. It must be emphasized that there is no reliable research studies on the long-term aspects of health related to ICT implants in the human body … The unlimited freedom for some can be a danger to others’ health and safety … As in other areas, the freedom to use the implants in the cell, as the principle of freedom, can collide with potentially adverse social effects. We’ve seen it for that abuse, violence and abuse of people for increasing the authorities’ power over the individual has had disastrous consequences. It is good that the European Commission’s ethical council takes it up to do it the easier for everyone else to also realize it.

Ethics group also asks the question to what extent this technology will be misused by the military. But no matter what career plans they are responsible, it is a horror story. See threats they paint up and understand that it has gone far on the road. I was a successful self-employed with good education, an orderly life, but despite that I was a victim, how far can inplantaten give an individual or a group, special opportunities which may become a threat to society? … How far is it acceptable to people checked with the applications of other individuals who exploit this potential? … To what extent will this technology be misused by the military?

What do journalists, MPs, party leaders on my case! Is it something that should continue? I’m an experiment victims who completely lost the right to my life! I must fight to survive but I am an adult and have support, can explain myself and that makes my situation hope after all. But even worse is it with children and the mentally ill as a professor Hermerén also suggests use of it here. ICT implants as through a network’s capacity can be misused in several ways for all varieties of social control and manipulation, such as for children and handicapped persons. Ethical Council also mentions, as I have said about their transfer of votes and other information that need not be perceived by the sensory receptors, but instead can is transmitted directly into the brain. It mentions it under the threat of military applications that need to be further examined. There will discuss: ‘Intrusive’ technology which bypasses normal sensory experiences. It’s the worst invasive you can experience. By disturbing the man of my brain. Creates a sounding cacophony of different tones and volumes that cuts into my head day and night. Moreover, adding to the number that can communicate with my thoughts but also has so much of other scary elements that it is not possible to describe what they claim.

But when this thing once and coming in under the media scrutiny, it must come out. We can see this power as part of their own insane idea, and with it follows all perversions. EU group suggests that it also spreads out racism among people. And there is of course through direct contact in people’s brains with the ability to manipulate perceptions.They write: EGE stresses the following possibilities should be banned: ICT implants used for the creation of cyber-racism … ICT implants used for changing the identity, memory, perception, cognition and perception of others … ICT implants in order to dominate others … Implants Monitoring of individuals also threatens human dignity. They can be used by government agencies, individuals and groups to increase their power over others. This topic must come to the knowledge, into the mass media. It must be addressed in parliament and every man must know it. The network we are part of the can indicate that the abuse lasted for 60 years without any uncovered. It must obviously be a big secret buried in the fact.

Read down under:

Read moore : http://hplusmagazine.com/2009/08/18/your-brain-neurotechnology/

Conceptual BCI system with various kinds of Neurofeedbacks. In the development of a BCI we need to handle two learning systems: The machine should learn to discriminate between different complex patterns of brain activity as accurate as possible and the BCI users should learn via different neurofeedback configurations to modulate their EEG activity and self-regulate or control them.

Another promising extension of BCI is to incorporate various neurofeedbacks to train subjects to modulate EEG brain patterns and parameters such as ERPs, ERD, SMR, P300 or slow cortical potentials (SCPs) to meet a specific criterion or to learn self-regulations skills. The subject then changes their EEG patterns in response to some feedback. Such integration of neurofeedback in BCI (Fig. 4) is an emerging technology for rehabilitation, but we believe is also a new paradigm in neuroscience that might reveal previously unknown brain activities associated with behavior or self-regulated mental states. The possibility of automated context-awareness as a new interface goes far beyond the standard BCI with simple feedback control. We hope to develop the next level of BCI system using neurofeedbacks for some selective cognitive phenomena. To do so, we need to rely increasingly on findings from other disciplines, especially, neuroscience, information technology, biomedical engineering, machine learning, and clinical rehabilitation.

I look forward to your response


Stockholm August 7, 2009

Magnus Olsson




Tel: 0709 263004

Av: Mediagroup sweden, Magnus Olsson Stockhom SVERIGE…

Magnus Olsson

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31 comments on ““Brain-Chip” Implant in the brain of Magnus Olsson

  1. I have recenty discovered that i also am under mindcontol i have spoke out about it to my family and at first the thought of something like this happening to anyone was unreal. i am currently going through a everyday struggle trying to get my mind under control and fight this battle knowing that God Up above creater of heaven and earth is here to guide and protect me. These demons onthe otherside even try to tell me not to talk about GOD In heaven. they have even went as far as telling me that they will kidnap and or even kill me because i will not obey them. they have also mentioned hurting my family and loved onesi have been searching the internet to find a way to stop these mind games being played on my life as well as my families. when i started fighting back is when the threats started. I have prayed and recently had to stop because when i would pray they would try to get me to say that i was praying to the devil these people and or the suppose nwo can try to twist my mind but no one can take my heart and soul away from the Father GOD Creator of all mankind. My GOD is in heaven and thats where my heart is. So if there is any insight you may beable to help me with to stop this injust on mine and my famiies life can you please contact me. Thank You Sincerly, Victimized By The Corrupted World We Live In (806)4333825

    • hi my name is vincent miller,i am also a ti, (targeted individual) there are very many of us and we all are being targetted in distinct ways like we are lab rats.lots of us do not have implants but they can still induce vocies into the brain and many other froms of what all amounts to torture.you have got to go to some ”ti” sites like, pink peace, targeted individuals canada. i’m on face book with debby newhook and many more ti’s. also look up electro magnetic mind control, electroninc harassment, electronic torture.the pshyco’s that are doing this to you want you to be afraid, thats so they can control you.it really helps to communicate with other ti’s and to read thei stories of there experiances and to know you are not alone. come and join us on facebook if you like and learn more about whats happening. look up debby newhook.hang in there and be brave, sincerly vincent p.s. m270755@gmail.com

  2. My name is Dwight A. Mangum and I have been a targetted individual since 2006. I was abducted by this person and taken to her home. She offered me a drink and I woke up 16 hours later. I had scars on my hands, injection sites on my hips, the top left of my head, crusty scars behind my ears and a 5mm red square on the right cheek of my but. I continued to get sinus infections every other month. All of the scars appeared to be secured by surgical super glue. I think it took about 30 – 45 days for me to really start noticing the affects. I started hearing them and they would wait until I got in bed and say things like “break into his backdoor, it is unlocked”. This would cause me to get up and check. This would continue through the night to insure that I would not get the proper sleep. They started hitting me with directed energy somehow. They would either say hit him in the head or hit him in the stomach. If they could not hit me during the night, they would make loud noises, like my doors closing (as if someone was breaking in). I started recording them digitally when they would call me on the phone because I Knew something was not right. I first thought my phones were tapped. I had them all investigated and there was no proof that this was happening. I began running test. I would record in silence in my home and when I would put it on my forensic software, I could hear them stating where I was and what I was doing. I almost tore my house apart looking for the bugs or cameras. The reality was, there were none. They are reading the magnetic flux or frequencies that are normally produced by the brain and actually they are reading the signal that goes to your vocal chords when you think and don’t really voice them. The microchip used is very tiny but can actually produce a digital signal for several miles where it is picked up by the nearest cell tower or any relay station. When I realized this I would play mind games with them. I would lay down in the dark with my eyes closed and imagine in my mind each little move of getting up, putting on my socks, pants, boots, shirt and then grabbing my 12G shotgun; getting in my truck and coming to their house. They would get all upset and say “quick, everybody go out by the road and hide in the bushes, he is coming”. I now keep a Neodymium magnet near my vocal chords, several around my hat band, aluminum foil tape on the areas that I feel they compromised and anything I can use to change the magnetic fields around me. I also play binural beat and different frequencies to interrupt them. I have all kinds of techniques for blocking or interfering with any signals.

  3. I failed to mention the heating in the email previously sent. The first time, they heated up the left side of my head. After that I remained under the air conditioner; even in the winter. I use Mylar for blocking and that is even hotter, but not on the inside. It was not until I posted my first video on Youtube that the torture decreased greatly.

  4. I am positive I have a brain chip. After reading all these stories I do have an uncle who worked for the Dept. of Defense and IBM sold the most chips to them. I did live at their house for over 5 months and I believe that is when it was implanted in 2006, but they did not come live talking and talking and yelling and screaming to keep me awake for over 6 months now. I need help!! Noone believes me.

    • My implants are very obvious & yet no one in my immediate vicinity believes me either. It is a horrible nightmare, virtual hell. Mine are RFID-sized, go through the cartilage of each ear, & seem to be connected to something that goes into my cochlea. For all I know, they go into my brain.

      Proof is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Os-iN9J0Q

      As an adoptee, I am pretty sure that I was sold into some program for this kind of experimentation. When you realize that the research goes back into the 1950s for audio & brain implants, it becomes hard to avoid he possibility.

      I know it’s horrible to be put through this kind of thing.

      May all TIs find relief very soon.

      • If you will give me more information about your experiences I can probably help some. I know more about how to make the necessary changes than most. This investigation has started, but will take some time to get help to other victims.

      • My experiences are somewhat described within my blog & my youtube channel (“musicis2words”)… I was born in the late 1960s & have very obvious, visible, & palpable implants in each ear. I discovered them in 2008, but I suspect they;’ve been with me since birth. See my blog & my videos for more info on my personal case:

      • Hi Mu !
        Recently watched a program about a French ATC (Air Traffic Controller) at one of the Paris airports, who was gifted the opportunity to be scanned by a Harley Street docter ( yes , I put this in lower-case !) . The implant (c. 7 mm square), the doc said it was some ” calcification” ! I add this to this forum, to help illustrate that it seems one very difficult task, is to find an Honest Docter 😦 ( Come to think of it, nearly ALL the professions, are corrupt . ( Was it 15 % of iris scans, showed ‘ abnormalities ‘ [ David Icke.com], & in the UK, almost all influential posts are held by CP or illuminati-placed beings )

        Off the cuff, this might have been on Miles Johnston (Bases project), ?

        Btw, I applaud your attitude to fb, just like ” Fran fixes it ” whom I like watching, she’s turned off her comments, because of YT & google tatics… I pray often that there are more decent people ‘out there’, who’ll maintain a functional internet …

        Courage to all, it IS coming down soon ! !

    • The Department of Defense my uncles name is Jack Olson at 5038 Edgeworth Road, San Diego, CA. Just go ring his doorbell or call at 858-272-0357 and wake him up in the middle of the night like all of us are being targeted. Anybody starting a class action suit, PLEASE let me know, I can gather lots of investors. Kathleen Harms, RN

      • Please contact me at anytime
        Michael 8184253593 live in Los Angeles area

        Almost commit suicide because of these voices place loud noise 24/7 in my left ear . never had this condition before . Just started 6 months ago . Don’t know who to contact about this situation I’m willing to drive to San Diego .

  5. If anyone is having electrocution type stings, try neodymium magnets taped with adhesive tape works the best. Find the circulatory tract they are using to sting and place and tape these magnets on them. You can buy small ones at WalMart in the crafts section and can also order them online from WalMart. It has helped me tremendously but I need anyones help on how to get rid of the voices. At night, I use a box fan and earplugs with neosporin on the tips to help sleep. Also magnets on the stomach ward off hunger and if you have spleen pain, place one over the liver. Also, I learned that upper extremity pain, just place a strong neodymium magnet over the vocal cords. I think this is the transmission point. When I have heartburn, I just place the big magnet over my vocal cords and it just goes away.

  6. Buy a box fan and place on chair with arms right next to your left ear. I found mine at WalMart. Wear earplugs (soft plastic) with neosporin on the ends to help block noise and helps to avoid infection too. I found a plastic box fan so when it is very close to my head, it does not hurt if it falls on you. Place a couple pillows behind fan and get your ear as close to it as you can. I start with 2 earplugs then after about a couple minutes, I remove the one closest to the fan and that should help quite a bit blocking voices. Also lots of good info on icaact.org and freedomfchs.com. Let me know if anyone finds an attorney or even a class action law suit. Also, everyone please document daily about everything, pain, voices, people following you and take pictures of them. This will strengthen the chance of getting an attorney to prosecute in our behalf.

  7. Regarding the earplugs, they are not soft plastic, they are waterproof silicone. I just bought a box at CVS pharmacy $3 or $4 I think and they have 2 pairs of them in there and they are a soft RUBBER type not plastic, sorry. It came in a small blue box and it states it includes removable cord and storage case. I cut off the cord but it would not matter if you left it on or not.. They are called: CVS brand Dual-use EARPLUGS (protection from noise or water). They come in a clear plastic case. Previously, I also found them at Walgreens so hopefully CVS will have them for you, they help so much!

    I also use my I-Pod when they are talking non-stop and putting on music helps and even the noise from the TV helps but at night I just use the earplugs and the fan. Also try cold gel packs over your eyes and forehead. Mine are a dark color and they also help a lot. I have 2 of them and just interchange them when one of them gets to warm and I just put them on the pillow next to me. Hope this helps, I know what you are going through, it is a constant battle.

  8. Hi. Greetings for all.

    I have not a good english so I am not able to write what I’d like to. I just would like to say you all that I know very well what all of you are suffering and I hope someone will find a solution for this horrific thing soon.

    This is all about torture, and the people who do this are nothing about human being.

    One thing you all should know (if you still have not realized about this) is that probably you are an experiment since you were a child. All your life could has been conduced to bring you to this. This project is a 40 years long experiment or more (till today), and so on. You are a simulator. And they can control everything (thoughts, senses, feellings, what you see, hear or smell, and even your motor system). All your mental processes are filtered through a computer, and many of them are automatized, simulated.

    Try to do always as you are.

    The worst thing about this is to feel alone. Not having anyone to talk about this without being seen a mental ill. So you are so, so lucky if you have family, a girldfriend or boyfriend who can be with you, beside you all the time you need.

    I am not able to express better, to tell all I want. Sorry. Hope for all. I love you all as human beings you are. I had never be conscious of the great, great love I have had all of my life for people till know, because till know I thought that everyone thought the same way that me, mainly the people who rules the world. But I have seen I was absolutelly wrong, and now I see how great it really is.

    Take care.

  9. Stay in touch on this website. I believe I have found an attorney that may be willing to go up against the FBI for myself and also target individuals running the chip. The attorney is in California is all I will say but hopefully coming within the next few months and possibly a class action.

    Also I bought a big round regular magnet and placed 4 small neodymium magnets inside and covered them with one the size of a nickel all from Walmart. I covered the part against the skin with a protective type tape so they cannot burn your skin with the magnet. I started just wearing one of these on each side in my pants pocket. At night I just place them in my underware with the target place being the femerol arteries. The side should be away from the skin. This has helped tremendously. If they sting my foot at night, I just straighten my leg and make sure the magnet is in the right place, no more scars or burns from all the tape I was using. Any other suggestions regarding reducing the voices. Keep writing.

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