For all the governments

For all the governments of European countries (About Mind Control)

brain control

One of the most powerful weapons are now targeting some of the civilian population during its development. The weapon is called brain implants and synthetic telepathy. Synthetic telepathy covers mind reading, and artificial intelligence. People who are involved in the development of invasive imaging of the brain and nervous system without their consent has no legal protection, no human rights, and no medical help. Instead of receiving protection diagnosed these people to suffer from a mental illness. Research is conducted 24 / 7 over the aging process.

mind control

The most frightening implications of this technology is the serious risk that it facilitates totalitarian control of humans.

It is alarming to governments in this emerging technology masks the effects of the illegal research behind the incorrect diagnosis, that the victims suffer from a mental illness.

Nazi torture in concentration camps with the miniaturization of electronics has moved directly into people’s brains to copy the brain signalsysstem, a procedure that takes the lives of many people who can not coop. It’s about a chip that works as a search engine / ESM systems in the brain. This feature can be “Googling” your memories, read minds just before consciousness and copy your feelings. The chips are described in the future be used to “Googling” directly with the brains of tomorrow’s Internet. The scheme is to give people an expanded memory, be a communication system for the military and an escort system for Alzheimer’s disease.

mind weapon

To retrieve information directly from the brain to evaluate it is called by Swedish professors for alternative nanotechnology diagnostics. The diagnosis affects strangely successful people, this may be because the technology is being abused in secret.

Should it be accepted that automated monitoring of self-learning, computers and brain implants with synthetic telepathy can drive people to suicide? This technology changes the man’s integrity, identity and autonomy.

Should scientists and government representatives who are aware of this research to obtain further confidence when they are aware that these technologies developed through research on civilians without their consent?

mind brain

What would you do if you ran into this copying “Cloning” of the brain? When you are looking for help in the rough torture as copying, so did you hear that you had delusions

It is the tax money that pays for this research!

Can we be sure that all the crimes committed by people with voices in his head is disease-related? Could it be that the perpetrators have been manipulated and tortured by the computer-brain integration for committing crimes?

Is the whole research brain implants and related networking technologies a completely lawless area of research?Swedish and European professors warned of this trend back in 2004!

How long has this research been going on in secret?

By: Magnus Olsson

15 comments on “For all the governments

  1. I Quote your questions:

    – “Can we be sure that all the crimes committed by people with voices in his head is disease-related?”

    The answer is and has always been no but now it seems obvious….

    “Could it be that the perpetrators have been manipulated and tortured by the computer-brain integration for committing crimes?”

    – Manipulated of course but if the victim is not committing any crimes….what will happen then?

    • Its nice if we victims know how perps control our minds and not successful to gain control as we know how to control their network and block it’ we can re programme it by giving our own positive messages into our brain functions

      • Yes, one must shield themselves from the anger of having your brain harvested and invaded, manipulated, your thoughts read and some of them just stolen. There is much on the internet about shielding and surrounding yourself with a meditated visual bubble or white light. Positive prayer, chants, repeated efforts to reach over and above the webb of deceit and illusion of a world they have dominated and indoctrinated us into a millenia, and the one they are attempting. I pray to the infinate creator, as when one studies carefully and over years and years of the elite methodology (david Icke’s books as well as many others) one sees some aspects of Lord and God lend themselves to actually be praying to……..a subsystem if you will. or empowering that which is opposite of what you seek to pray to. Nothing like finding out or realizing you have been praying to…the stuff made of bohemium grove festivities, and empowering that, rather than what you meant. Its all a process of their control illusion. I have yet to find a way to control their network, interested in any insights you have. Each case is different, and attitudes about what we are moving into differ, I suppose, based on experiences you have. I caught onto the money and land methodology of control. Some old testament practices being practiced under the supposed laws of equality and discrimination the illusion of our country supposedly had. Practices being dictated out through banks that they could sic an entire fed govt upon a person to uphold, being they are the fed reserve. Chipping and targeting of me was to kill and dissolve me, it had nothing to do with endowing a person with einstein’s brain, but rather forcefully and intentionally efforting to melt and dissolve and rip apart the one i had/have.

    • you are given the proof of the agenda of total population control. Their is no innocence, it is one of the things being removed, so to speak. Their is no time for innocence when you can soon be 5 and have the piped in mind of albert einstein. Or more realistically, but maybe negatively stated, when you can be out working. For years, before the free lawlessness of removing universal rights to BE via terrorist need law (staged, most of it) if you were innocent, they MADE YOU GUILTY. You were made a criminal by hirees. Made mental by hirees. Now, they got all the new world order laws in place to just DO IT. And they are. For years it was slipped into vaccinations and other innocous untracable manners, much less evolved than invisible waves or this even newer stuff. History is full of it. And if you buck it, try to enlighten you find the elements of the truth that Hitler’s work never died.

  2. Thought governments were aware of these programs being run. Too expensive for anyone to investigate individuals’ claims anyway. No-one is prepared to acknowledge that they go on, victims get locked up or worse for speaking out. Almost a case of military industrial complexes and medical technology firms having such vast profit potential that they’ve become untouchable by even governments.

    • Exactly, but it is the profit pull as well as the total control of population that feeds the elite at the top of the pyramid. Technically, before law could do much about it, that is street or investigative forces of different agencies, they had bilked their ability to investigate or do anything about it away from them by acts coming out of the UN. Treaties. And stuff like defensive authorization act, which isn’t about terrorists although it went through like that. It is about and for anyone having any sort of issue of the durge in how they will one world order new world order come in. Certain high intelligence offices superceded anything lesser agencies could do; or, none of them saw the overall agenda and its issuance and uses of them, to reel in people simply doing things like, trying to report what was going on. And, they have infected all water with nano particles that can make a person sick and die within 14 days, they just need to push a button from some satellite office. these kinds of modus operandi have been silently moved into place to halt any reaction once it becomes more and more obvious what is being done, once people have their awakening, or unplugging as neo did in the matrix. They control everything…….already. As a targeted individual struggles to run and report, its a laugh to them, as they have all things already moved into place to guarantee no result, no being heard. the smart meter stuff being stuck on every house so they can see what you are doing, even when you pee or sleep or use your computer………came from mandate out of the UN under the global warming farse escipade. it is how they roll. they disguise what they are doing. People are not aware, there isn’t much the U.S. is doing anymore……….its all coming out of the UN as our country is force merged with mexico and canada and reconfiguration of agenda 21 is underway. Yea, they may paint an einstein brain in a 5 year old as a sales tool, to make humans salivate, but realistically, they are brainharvesting, torturing, maiming, and killing off millions. It is specified to genetic lines and hybridization.

  3. Let’s just get right to it. Forget everything you know. Here it is, the epitome of reality. This video is the best example that summarizes what’s happening or has happened in your body already. This is the most prevalent secret in the whole world because it has been forced onto everyone unknowingly. What you see here is a nano-bot encapsulating a neuron or synapse or other nerve ending/bridge. :

    • there is mind control, and there is weaponary. You can find the microwave weaponary that can burn a persons body, organs, and assault their frequency balance online in spy stores, up to date cop shop stores, private detective and security forces stores. Devices they can point and acces your pin numbers to id theft you. devices they can use to burn and harass you. in the wall surveillance that are little boxes that once between any wall, gives them full on view of the room, or in the ceiling, gives them the whole picture show of every move you make in your home or garage. this is the stuff that the organized crimes and psedo military targetors are using, and does not include what is possible through satellite surveillance by intelligence offices, or satilittes put out there by……..the very rich funding and paying for it and black op ing up there for more sinister uses and so to confuse citizens as to who is doing what. Implants are used, many victims have implants embedded in them, and they are small enough to slip in someon’s food at a restaurant. It depends on who is implanting you, and to whom you will be braodcasted. when studying the methodology of hit contracts and witness protection being usurped crime families use their own imprisonment of potential testifiers, if you will, and the suckers will set up all around someone under fed protection anyway. A person will find themselves being ‘watched’ by all of them. and, up stream, it is the heads of illumanati and the eye in the sky, or one eyed monster thing, going. They are just using what they have already under their control to do it, as well as shield themselves.

  4. I am one of them… we have been working on many things the brain as a computer and was declassified of many intelligences and experiencing these phenomena and have been having fun… I thought it was schizophrenia but all aspects of technologies proof technologies… the more technologies is proofed the more innocent human beings living beings become….

    I have gone through a any mental conditions trainings and have found that any mental illness can be treated now a days…

    We have conducted many tests not just humans but beyond physics to teleportations…

    I am eager for your contact… One that has been in study and in the same field of interest

    Yours truly

    Christopher Shintaro Muta

    • A lot of questions we have answers for from medical technologies to massive populations mind controls. As if each mind were a super computer and how they work together beyond the fourth dimensions and beyond

      • Yes we have been playing lawyer and balancing with weights of justices the congress and executive systems

        We are unlocking more and more human minds so we may advance in technologies further 🙂

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