Gold against Mind Control

Gold against Mind Control

Millions of healthy and normal people all over the world complain about hearing foreign voices in their skull (v2k), about being targeted by unknown radiation; about being tormented and raped by this radiation, about that someone is able to read their thoughts (synthetic telepathy) and making comments on them, about getting their memories hacked, about somebody seeing with their eyes/hearing with their ears and commenting those signals.

Those people are called targeted individuals (ti). Their number is constantly growing.

Every day since I started recording live interviews with ti’sabout 3 years ago, I receive at least one e-mail, one phone call or one letter from a desperate ti from all corners in the world. They contact me because I take them serious and listen to them. I do not go into the evil and carefully designedtrap that claims, they are mentally ill. I studied the research from David Icke, Cathy O’Brien, Helmut Lammer och Heiner Gehring that opened my eyes for this covert technology, which targets people since more than 60 years.

The majority of the ti’s are not aware that they are targeted. Otherwise the mental enslavement would not work. But a growing minority is aware of the technology and complain. Thanks to the Internet they can learn about other ti’s and realize that they are not crazy or alone.


We found out that the secret services of Russia, USA, Israel and Sweden developed the mind control technology using a secret physics: scalar waves. Since the death of James Clerk Maxwell 1879 physicists forged intentionally the Maxwell field equations and put the part describing the scalar waves wrongly to zero, so that today only the electromagnetic wave is explained by the Maxwell equation torso. Thanks to physics professor Konstantin Meyl do we now know a lot about scalar waves. Those being relevant for our body are the magnetic scalar waves. They transport neutrinos quicker than light and penetrate everything, even the whole earth. They transport both, energy and information, enabling them to transfer holographic 3d coloured pictures and thoughts, not build up by pixels.

After long research and waiting I got a hint in Germany about a year ago, that gold protects against mind control. Gold emits destructive interference against scalar waves disturbing the resonance between the chip/DNA in a ti and the beamer in the hands of a criminal secret agent or doctor.

Real ti’s don’t have money, so they can’t afford gold. That’s why we found out that homeopathic gold (aurum metallicum) helps. It is very cheap and available in most countries. Homeopathy does not help with chemical instruments but with physical, simply by waves, constructive and destructive interference. The potencies D12, D30 and C100 gave best results with a lot of ti’s that tested it. Side effects are not known.


We started 2013 a European ti association: European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH), seated in Sweden. Everybody may become a member.

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13 comments on “Gold against Mind Control

    • I was wondering that exact question the past few days? David Wolfe, who at one time owned SunFood nutrition was using it. He sold the company, but I will be checking that out. Will try to connect with him, and see what he uses at this time. I would believe he is using a quality product. If you get an answer how it compares, or if I do, would be nice to post. Not sure right now, what qualifies as a good product for our situation. What Magnus used will be my first choice, if I can get it here in the states.

    • g77enn, Have decided to try the Monatomic Gold. Unless someone here can post a good reason not to, I think it just might be the way to go…at least for me. The whole Spiritual aspect and all. Maybe with all that spinning, is why Scalar can’t lock on. HHMMMMM?

  1. The number of TIs increases for more than 60 yrs many with V2K able to hear high frequencies, voices EUCACH is very experience in nano tech neurological/psychotronic weapons brain computer etc i wish theres a earphone company can invent a nano recording eqptmt to record voices in head irritating words n abusive language to torture TIs The voices n frequencies are getting louder They have their own comm network satellite that im sure we’re able to penetrate into V2K gps satellite access code It will be end of V2K if we are able to capture their voices in skull. Synthetic Telepathy many doctors mistaken it as scizoaeprenic I hope gold will help victims tks for sharing EUCACH Sweden i really hope we will get the evidence of V2K soon via gps gov comm.

  2. I celebrate advances. Iwish to get GOld. I do not know how and where. I live in CAli COlombia -SOuth AMerica. I agree with IBrahim in the comment before. I hope that recorder being in use as soon as possible. It must record both, audible voices and no audible voices becouse all of these are manipulation messages.

  3. Permalink Reply by Brad Heward 1 second ago

    The big confusion surrounding the many TI stories around the world stems from the different kinds of microchip that has been developed over the many years that this has been going on. Apparently each chip has it’s own functions and characteristics. I believe much of the original intent was to make people a useful tool in the fight against evil and then fell into the hands of the wrong people. In my case, I have three implants. One in each ear and one behind my eyes. I have located them by MRI. The perps comment on everything in my environment, intent on making me angry and outwardly aggressive to my family and friends. They record voices from these people, duplicate and play back, in order to convince me not to trust anyone. This is all about causing stress and deprivation. Once you understand the motives you can ignore it and go on with your life. Each of the implants in my ears have electromagnetic coils that produce the power to run the transmitter, as well as produce pain in the form of a shock. Over time this has began to impair my hearing and the tissue being repetitively shocked has healed over with scar tissue. So…the process being used by my perps has become self defeating and they now know they are failing to reach their goals! I know who my perps are, where they are and what their motives are. I guess I am lucky, compared to most TI stories I read.

    Every human being has a conscience and free will and should focus on the “right thing to do”, regardless of auditory or subliminal programming, regardless of religious belief. To survive this torture, every TI should focus on good habits: eat everything as healthy as you can, exercise regularly, get sleep any way you can and get in some sex somehow. All four are critical to a well balanced health plan. I am happy to share the details of how I am beating my perps down to the end of this game of theirs…we will all get some relief soon, as a result.

    Let me know what I can do to help you.


  4. OK. I have done a bit of research. Have always been fascinated about Monatomic Gold. David Wolfe recommended it years ago, and awhile back…so has David Icke. For it’s protective, spiritual and healing qualities. There are videos out there on how to make your own, and it says that it takes on your signature, so that would be a good route to take, how it resonates with you by it’s own intuitions. I have those beliefs, so here I go….to learn how to make it.

  5. Drove to NY to buy edible gold leaf…..probably not a good choice. Bought also, angstrom gold from a woman selling it by Mother Earth Minerals. She did not have an office and met me, which was odd, so I won’t use. Finally thought of Hahnemann Labs, where they sell lots of homeopathic formulas and carry the gold (arum metallicum????on spelling) C30, up to I think it is C500. Hahnemann is the originator of homeopathy, as I recall….but then again mind is a bit off after last attack for being vocal. Now I need to find a way to get some, without my order being intercepted. Friends have ordered things, but they rip open and reseal.

  6. Mental health worker said she believes this is going on with me. I believe this too. I cannot describe the mental pain .

  7. Mental health worker said she believes this is going on with me. I believe this too. I cannot describe the mental pain . I instinctly started drinking tea from gold tea cup
    I stay to myself it is very lonely. At one point I could see a holographic screen of people watching me like TV. My case manager from mental healthquit working for mecshecwas frightened. She admitted that she believes this to be true.

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